English language bloggers in El Salvador

One of my sources of inspiration and story ideas for this blog are the blogs of some Americans living in El Salvador. I encourage you to read them, too.
  • Hameno -- Marie writes about her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer working in San Salvador.
  • A Different View of a Good Life -- Meg is a volunteer with a solidarity organization working in the country.
  • The Dunlaps -- scenes from the life of a family teaching at the American School in San Salvador.


Anonymous said…
Are there any Salvadoran blogs in Spanish or blogs by Salvadorans living abroad (in English or Spanish) that you recommend?
Tim said…
In Spanish, the best El Salvador blog I've located is Hunnapuh, written with some humor and occasional biting commentary. I haven't seen much else to recommend, but I may not be looking in the right places.
Mysterious Me said…
Your very kind Tim. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Your Blogg is very interesting! I am using some of the facts on my school project.
Unknown said…
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