Rains start to diminish

The rains from storms associated with Hurricane Stan are beginning to diminish across El Salvador. As they do, the country is starting to take stock of the damage. The death toll has risen to 65 persons, and more than 54,000 persons are in 361 shelters across the country. School is still cancelled and the country continues under a red alert.

The damage is widespread across the country. Many roads are washed out, collapsed, or impassable. Thousands of houses have been flooded or destroyed in mudslides. Hundreds of farms are underwater and lost their harvest. Many acres of coffee farms around the Ilamatepec volcano were damaged by the ash spread by the volcano.

Meanwhile, signs of another impending eruption of the Ilamatepec volcano continue to grow.

Please support the organizations I listed in yesterday's post which are working to help the victims.