Innocent Voices opens in US

Innocent Voices (Voces Inocentes) finally opens in theaters in the US this weekend. But it is only in limited theaters across the country. If it is not showing where you live, here's a tip -- the movie has been released on DVD in Mexico and can be purchased from Mexican vendors on Ebay. Just type "voces inocentes" into the Ebay search box.

Innocent Voices is based on the experiences of a boy enlisted by the warring factions in the Salvadoran civil war, and has received favorable reviews in the press and awards at international film festivals. It was Mexico's entry in the 2004 Academy Awards.


Anonymous said…
is there a way to find out if i can buy the movie in DVD or VHS?
Tim said…
I don't know about VHS. I know there are sellers offering the DVD on EBay.