El Salvador tallies the costs of Hurrican Stan

El Salvador is starting to tally the cost of the flooding and mudslides associated with Hurrican Stan. ReliefWeb has some statistics from the UN:

  • 36,000 people remain in shelters. The main health problems in the shelters are acute respiratory infections, skin problems, diarrhea, anxiety disorders and bacterial conjunctivitis. These are due to crowding, exposure to stagnant, dirty water, the weather, difficulties with personal hygiene and the loss of loved ones.
  • Damages to the health care system included damage to the following 87 facilities: 70 health clinics, 7 administrative buildings, 6 health posts, and 4 hospitals.
  • Agricultural losses include 625 tons of honey; 221,389 poultry birds; 187 head of cattle; 681 pigs; and 41 horses.
  • Fishery losses include: Small-scale- 619,420 lbs, worth $342,890. Industrial- 66,000 lbs of lobsters, 21,250 lbs of shrimp, and 50,000 lbs of prawns.

Diario El Mundo and EL Faro both report Tony Saca's estimate that the government will need to spend $230 million on repairs to housing, infrastructure, agriculture and more. The El Mundo story notes that an additional $280 million is needed to fix the drainage system in San Salvador to alleviate future flooding.

It is not clear where all this money will come from.