Volcano refugees

There is more news about the fears raised by the recent activity at the Ilamatepec volcano. Diario CoLatino reports that the community of Cantón Palo Campana, located at the foot of the volcano, has evacuated. The community is being supported by a variety of church and non-governmental organizations who are provding food and shelter to the fleeing residents.

This is the second community to pick up and leave the area around the volcano. Approximately two weeks ago, the community of Finca San Blas also evacuated. The government refuses to provide support to thse voluntary evacuees. The government asserts that the danger level does not justify evacuation and that it need not provide support to people who voluntarily decide to leave.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tim! Santa Ana may have erupted today at around 6 am local,...or gave a strong warning that it will in the near future! Very strong volcanic tremor was evident on seismograms near the volcano at that time. The SNET (where the seismograms are visible)
server was taken off-line soon after.
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing so much... all the best