Sugar for oil from Chavez?

When the FMLN proposed the idea of obtaining subsidized oil from Hugo Chavez's Venezuela in the past, the ARENA government rejected the idea. But high oil prices can change anyone's mind, and now El Salvador is planning to speak to Venezuela about oil deals reports El Universal:
The Salvadorian government has reportedly changed its stance and now is favoring an agreement to purchase oil from Venezuela under preferential terms, even though officials had rejected this proposal from the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front.

'We are on the fringe of extreme situations, and we can no longer stand by,' said Salvadorian Vice President Ana Vilma de Escobar. She explained that El Salvador is to seek, through the commission of Centro American Ministers of Economy, a preferential price to purchase oil from Venezuela, Prensa Gráfica reported.

She added they are facing 'a extremely serious' situation, and indicated that 'creative moves' would be adopted, such as trading Salvadorian coffee or sugar for Venezuelan oil. This proposal was made by the leader of Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Schafik Handal last month following a visit to Caracas.