A painter and 30 photographers

Here are two articles involving El Salvador and the visual arts:
  • César Menéndez is a very successful contemporary painter in El Salvador. The Los Angeles Times profiles his work:
    A Menéndez painting can lure you into a shadowy realm of enigmatic symbols and sensual encounters. It can bring you face to face with a grotesque bestiary of truncated horses, glowering dogs, sawed-off torsos. It can plunge you into nightmarish visions of ghostly steam engines and sinister merry-go-rounds. It can make you want to run for your life.
    You can see a group of Menedez works from a Google search at this link.

  • The International Center of Photography in New York City has a current exhibition of the work of 30 photographers during the Salvadoran civil war. You can read the description of the exhibition and see some of the photographs here.