Mayor of San Salvador quits FMLN

Carlos Rivas Zamora, the popular mayor of San Salvador, has resigned from the FMLN. Pravda carried the story:
The mayor of San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, announced Saturday he has resigned from the leftist FMLN party, complaining the party's leadership has been unresponsive and unyielding.

Mayor Carlos Rivas Zamora become the latest in a stream of reform-minded politicians to quit the FMLN, arguing the party has been dominated by old-guard leaders who led the organization when it was a leftist guerrilla group fighting the government during the 1980-1992 civil war.
Last May, Rivas Zamora announced that he would not run for mayor of San Salvador after the FMLN leadership announced it was backing Violeta Menjivar as its candidate for mayor.

(This is the first time I have used the Russian paper Pravda as a source for a blog post, but it had the only English language coverage of this event).


Curt Hopkins said…
It's outrageous that the only English language coverage of our so-called "back yard" is in the former organ of the Soviet Communist party. But that's how it increasingly is these days. I guess I shouldn't complain since I got the info -- from this blog. Re. the content: people have been leaving the FMLN for some time. In this article I wrote some years back ( the former guerilla I went to the polls with, who had always been a republican and a democrat (small r, small d) got so disgusted by the shrill militancy and bullying tactics that he left the party that he had helped create. I wonder when or if an alternative between the two extremes will aris.