In the news

Some short news items from this week in El Salvador:

Gang round-up. Law enforcement authorities conducted a massive anti-gang operation on Wednesday and Thursday in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the United States. Simultaneous raids utilizing more than 6700 police resulted in the capture of 660 gang members. 237 of the arrests were in El Salvador. Law enforcement authorities lauded themselves for the inter-government cooperation which made the operation successful.

Landslides. Six people died across El Salvador in landslides caused by heavy rains. El Salvador's ground is soaked and rivers swollen from weeks of intense rains, causing danger for neighborhoods built on steep mountainsides and riverbanks.

DR-CAFTA. The Dominican Republic became the fifth country to ratify the DR-CAFTA trade agreement, joining El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States. Nicaragua and Costa Rica have not yet ratified the treaty.