Hurricane Rita and El Salvador

Hurricane Rita is having an impact on Salvadorans living in Texas and in El Salvador. There is a sizeable Salvadoran population in the Houston area, in the path of the hurricane. El Salvador has set up an emergency center at its Dallas consulate to help its estimated 150,000 citizens living in Louisiana and Texas. Salvadorans in the US can call the Dallas consulate at 214-637-1018 or the Foreign Ministry in El Salvador at 503-223-11330 or 503-223-11316.

Meanwhile, a tropical depression influenced by Hurricane Rita's path in the Gulf of Mexico is threatening to bring days of torrential rains to the country. The Committee on National Emergencies in El Salvador has declared a yellow alert as the torrential rains may bring floods, landslides, and rivers overflowing their banks.

UPDATE -- 23 Sept.

Because of the heavy rains today, the alert level has been raised to Orange. If you have a high speed connection, you can see satellite images of today's storms at this link.


boz said…
BBC had an excellent article on how Central American immigrants were the ignored victims of Katrina.