Watching the CAFTA debate

It's approaching ten o'clock at night in Washington as the House of Representatives debates ratification of CAFTA. Some of the highlights and lowlights:

Highlight -- Hilda Solis, Democratic congresswoman from California of Nicaraguan descent speaking of the impact on the poor of Nicaragua and Central America

Low light -- Rep. Burton of Indiana, red-baiting, and claiming that a vote against CAFTA is a vote supporting communists and those who fought against democracy in the 1980s.

Highlight -- Rep. Charles Rangel, managing the anti-CAFTA arguments with a sense of humor.

Low light -- Rep. Peter Hoekstra: "A vote aginst CAFTA is a vote helping out the Cuban-Venezuela coalition of Castro and Chazez."

Highlight -- Rep. Lloyd Doggett -- "I reject an administration that thinks that arrogance alone can be an effective foreign policy."

But the real action is off the screen as deals are being made and arms are being twisted to get the votes in favor of CAFTA.