Sister Cities

Bangor, Maine and Carasque, El Salvador are sister cities. A reporter from Bangor wrote a recent article about her visit to Bangor's sister city. The article begins this way:
The road from San Salvador, El Salvador's bustling capital city, to Carasque, a remote mountain village near Honduras, is potholed and hot. The climb is through jungles and farms, settlements and streams. Women carrying laundry in baskets on their heads, men herding cows, and carts toting vegetables are common sights along the way. When the sun hits its peak, the temperature nudges toward 100 degrees. The air is tight, and brown clouds waft up from the dirt road as a clunky truck carrying standing riders in the flatbed bounces into town.

The contrast with Bangor is stark.

Yet the road from Bangor to Carasque is shorter than you might imagine....

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