Relief project following Adrian

Action by Churches Together ("ACT") has issued a request for donations to support a relief project in El Salvador following Tropical Storm Adrian. ACT has finished its assessment following the storm. In certain communities it finds:
The main problems faced by these people are:

- They must return to areas that are extremely vulnerable and at imminent risk.

- They have also lost their possessions and equipment for making a livelihood.

- Many suffer from depression, nervous breakdowns and violence.

- Due to the continual rains there is a problem of humidity and propensity to infection as a result. It is imperative that there is a general cleaning up of the environment of the affected communities to prevent the outbreak of water-borne diseases and malaria.
The relief project proposes to help:
- 200 fisher families from two communities that are unable to return to their communities and livelihood in the near future.

- 1,000 families in 15 rural communities presenting health problems due to the flood waters.

- 750 adults, youngsters and children from 15 rural communities showing symptoms of trauma.

ACT members in El Salvador are Christian Aid (CAID), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and the Salvadoran Lutheran Synod (SLS).