UNICEF study on school attendance in El Salvador

La Prensa Grafica reported on statistics about schooling in El Salvador:
In a country where 43% of the population lives in poverty, the children are the most vulnerable

42% of Salvadorans are children under age 18, and three of every ten do not attend school because they are working at jobs or are required to care for siblings. These are some of the indicators unveiled yesterday by Elspeth Erickson, representative of UNICEF in El Salvador. There are statistics that should light up a warning, because those who are most important to our societies and our families, the boys and girls, are not getting what they have the right to have.

In fact, only 45% of children reach the sixth grade in basic education, and 20% of children have no studies even for one grade.


Anonymous said…
This is the most critical problem in El Salvador and all of Central America, the lack of universal education. Solve this one and in twenty years something will change in these countries. Keep it the same and the countries stay the same. Universal education should be the central prioritized goal of all those who care about a better tomorrow for the Salvadorans.
Tim said…
I couldn't agree more.