Soto slaying back in the news

The murder of Gilberto Soto resurfaced in headlines this week. The Chicago Tribune ran a short story which did little more than repeat the fact that union leaders and Soto's family continue to doubt the government assertion that Soto's mother-in-law hired gang members to kill the Salvadoran-born Teamster.
"I regret to say that we have more questions than answers," said Roberto Burgos, an attorney with the Institute of Human Rights at El Salvador's Jesuit-run Central American University. "You have to remember the persecution of union leaders in this country during the war."

Burgos' institute was contracted by Soto's employer, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, to look into the case.

Meanwhile, the presiding officer in the criminal proceedings against the suspects arrested by the police has delayed the proceedings. The judge wants to have a larger courtroom assigned for upcoming hearings which will review the testimony of witnesses.