Short takes

Three short items. I am not sure if there is a theme tying them together.

After Francisco Flores dropped out of the race for secretary general of the Organization of American States, the organization was deadlocked 17-17 in voting between Chilean Interior Minister Insulza and Mexican Foreign Secretary Derbez. After 5 straight tie votes, the OAS members adjourned until May 2 when they will try again. Boz has some speculations on his blog about what might happen to break the impasse.

Today, April 13, will be the first day of hearings in the US Congress over ratification of CAFTA. Forces opposing the treaty are cautiously optimistic about being able to block the treaty in the US House. April 13 is a "National Call-In Day" to contact lawmakers to protest the treaty.

Finally, Tony Saca and his administration is falling all over itself in excitement that US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is going to visit the country at the end of the month. El Faro has an article criticizing the lack of national dignity in Saca's subservience to the wishes of Washington.