No repeal of 1993 amnesty law

Numerous social and international organizations have called for it. Last week the FMLN introduced a bill into the Salvadoran National Assembly to repeal the 1993 amnesty law. The 1993 amnesty has prevented prosecution in the country of anyone responsible for committing atrocities during the civil war, including such events as the assassination of Archbishop Romero, or the massacre at El Mozote.

But the FMLN lacks the necessary votes to get the repeal passed, and President Saca has also made it clear that he opposes a repeal. He was quoted in La Prensa Grafica saying:
I do not believe that repealing the Law of Amnesty moves the country forward, because that is like opening a wound and putting lemon in the wound, putting salt in the wound, and that is not the best way to reconcile the country.