Towards Saint Romero

As the 25th Anniversary of Archbhisop Oscar Romero's assassination approaches, Catholic World News reports that the Catholic curch is moving forward on possible sainthood for the murdered cleric.
Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of Terni, Italy, who is now the postulator for the Romero cause, says that he expects soon to complete a "position" that will be presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, making the case that Archbishop Romero was a martyr for the faith. This "position" would then be studied by a panel of theologians, who in turn would submit their judgment to the prelates who serve on that Congregation. That process could take roughly six months, the postulator estimated.

Here is another of my series of quotations from Romero:
These homilies try to be this people’s voice.
They try to be the voice of those
who have no voice.
And so, without doubt, they displease those
who have too much voice.
JULY 29, 1979

From The Violence of Love, available for download.