What Salvadorans are thinking

Additional results from the recent public opinion poll conducted by the Technical University of El Salvador Center for Public Opinion Research:

  • 60% of Salvadoran households have at least one member who is unemployed, and the majority of those persons have been unemployed for more than a year.

  • 7 of 10 Salvadorans would emigrate from the country if they had the opportunity; more than three quarters of them desiring to emigrate to improve their economic well-being.

  • 72% of Salvadorans do not approve the replacement of the colon by the dollar, three years after "dollarization" was adopted by the national government.

  • 45% of Salvadorans believe the National Police (PNC) are doing a good job fighting crime, but 51% disagree. Of those who disagree, more than 40% blame the lack of effectiveness on corruption within the PNC.

  • When asked why the FMLN cannot win elections, 44% pointed to the FMLN's choice of candidates and 29% believe the people still have a fear of the party of the former-guerrillas.