Public Opinion

Public opinion polling at the end of 2004 contains some interesting insights into the feelings of the Salvadoran populace. The poll was taken by the Institute of Public Opinion (IUDOP)at the University of Central America. President Saca continues to receive a favorable approval rating, and the ARENA party is favored over the FMLN by a 2-to-1 margin. Economic problems are of the greatest concern to the population, including unemployment, poverty and the general progress of the economy. Crime and the gang problems come in fourth. The population continues to favor the "Super Firm Hand" gang policy and believes that the level of crime in the country is decreasing. (This belief seems at odds with the significant increase in the homicide rate during 2004).

The most trusted institutions in Salvadoran society are the Catholic church, the evangelical churches, and the National Civil Police. The courts, the legislative assembly and the political parties are the least trusted.

The complete poll results (in Spanish) can be viewed at this link.