New Poll -- Not Surprisingly, Salvadorans Worry About Economy

The Center for Public Opinion Research at the Technical University of El Salvador released a wide ranging public opinion poll today. The entire text of the report on the polling (in Spanish) is available here. . Over the next few days I'll comment on some of the findings of the poll.

The highlights -- Salvadorans view unemployment and the cost of living as the biggest problems facing the country. Crime and gangs are a distant second. Salvadorans do not believe that the government is working to improve their economic situation, and the majority believe that their economic situation worsened in the past year. Despite this, President Tony Saca continues to be personally very popular. The FMLN is essentially viewed by most Salvadorans as not offering a viable alternative to the ARENA government, despite the fact that those polled blame ARENA for not fixing the economic problems in the country.