Caribbean nations leave Flores in the cold

La Prensa reports that Caribbean nations cannot agree whether to give their votes for the head of the Organization of American States to Mexico's Derbez, or Chile's Insulza, but they do agree that they are not voting for Salvadoran ex-President Francisco Flores. Since the 15 Caribbean countries hold the swing votes in the upcoming one country - one vote election, this would seem to eliminate Flores' prospects. Flores was the preferred candidate of the United States. According to the Miami Herald, that endorsement did not mean much in the Caribbean:

U.S. relations with Caribbean countries have been strained since the United States refused to support a Caribbean call to send troops to Haiti to support former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide against a rebellion one year ago.

Instead, U.S. troops flew to Haiti the day Aristide fled. Caribbean leaders have accused the United States of regime change.