Voces Inocentes

Voces Inocentes (Innocent Voices), the movie based on the experiences of a boy enlisted by the warring factions in the Salvadoran civil war, continues to garner favorable press.

For example, National Geographic has an article about the film which goes on to talk about the problem of child soldiers worldwide. Raices, a Salvadoran e-zine has two articles. The Internet Movie Database has reviews from many viewers.

And now you can see the trailer, pictures from the movie, a plot synopsis and more at the official Web site for the film.

Now if it would only be released in the US so I can see it.


Anonymous said…
Tim...my parish Teosinte Committee is showing Voces Inocentes on 8/1/05 @ 7p @ Mount Mary College.

I went to El Salvador in 1999...working on going back. The people of Teosinte repatriated after living for many years in the Mesa Grande refugee camp in Honduras.

Please share your connection with El Salvador.

David B. Goehner