Lutheran Bishop Condemns Beating of Pastors by Riot Police

Lutheran Bishop Medardo Gomez spoke out Monday against the beating of two Lutheran pastors last December 17. The two pastors, Ricardo Cornejo and Roberto Pineda, were beaten by riot police breaking up a protest against CAFTA. The protest had been called by the Popular Social Block (BPS). The bishop rejected the idea that the church was working with ties to any political party, declaring "Somos del pueblo y para el pueblo" (We are of the people and for the people). The bishop declared that the church had a mission to accompany its people in working for a reign of peace, truth and justice.

Rev. Cornejo received medical treatment in the United States for his injuries.

El Diario de Hoy showed its feelings about Cornejo. It ran a story about the vote for CAFTA in the National Assembly and the protests outside and carried the picture you see above. But there was no mention in the paper of the actions of the riot police, instead the paper ran another picture of Cornejo, arm-in-arm with Schafik Handal, while both of them were in Venezuela, and called Cornejo a loyal ally of the FMLN.


Anonymous said…
Please Tim can you help me get in touch with Rev. Ricardo Cornejo I am an old friend from Chicago... He knows who i am... Please help me
Tim said…
I believe there is contact information at

which is the web site for his current church in the breakaway iglesia luterana popular.