Bread and Chocolate

I came across an uplifting AP article today about an outreach program of the Friends of Israel Central Baptist Bible Tabernacle in San Salvador. The program, called Bread and Chocolate, works in San Salvador's worst neighborhoods to bring meals and encouragement to the homeless. Here's an excerpt:

"The Friends of Israel teams go out, Bibles in hand, to areas where people sleep covered in tattered cardboard and newspapers.

"We do it because it is the command of the Lord and because we want them to know that someone loves them, that someone is worried about them," Monterrosa tells a reporter.

The Bread and Chocolate deliveries reach about 600 people twice a week, most of them homeless, some sleeping in government shelters and a few in jail.

After Reyes and her children join others in sharing chicken, rice, bread, chocolate and chapters of the Bible, the church caravan moves on to an area where about 15 homeless people, young and old, have gathered behind government buildings."