More details on Soto killing

When I began posting articles on this blog, I did not imagine that many articles would be devoted to a murder mystery. But the case of the murder of Gilberto Soto continues to raise questions.

Since the arrest of Soto's mother-in-law and the alleged contract killers, I have been wondering what information might exist about the supposed family dispute behind the murder. This article by Traci Carl of the Associated Press provides some additional details. Apparently Soto and his wife did have a rocky relationship and were planning to separate. The family, however, does not believe that these problems would lead to a contract killing.

There may also be a connection to the November break-in to the offices of El Salvador's Center for Labor Studies and Support, an organization which monitors workers' rights in El Salvador. Soto had contacts at the center.

The web site for the US Embassy in El Salvador continues to offer a hotline for information about the killing and to advertise the $75,000 reward offered by the Teamsters. The FBI is apparently questioning persons in the United States in connection with the investigation at the request of the Salvadoran government.

On Wednesday, the Teamsters called for an independent investigation by the Institute for Human Rights at the University of Central America in San Salvador. The Teamsters press release has an additional piece of information. The police in El Salvador had apparently claimed part of the motive for the murder was a $2 million "Teamsters life insurance policy." The Teamsters state that no such life insurance policy ever existed.

Stay tuned.