Honduran bus massacre

One week ago, on December 23, gunmen opened fire on a public bus in Honduras, massacring 28 of the 70 passengers and wounding another 28. The assault was calculated and cold-blooded, and the attackers left a message claiming to be part of a guerrilla movement opposed to the death penalty and other governmental policies in Honduras. Today's article in the Miami Herald does a good job summarizing what is known about the attack.

Honduran authorities blame the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang for the massacre and have arrested nine gang members in connection with the shooting. The Herald points out that many Hondurans believe that a new guerrilla movement may have been behind the attack and are discounting the government's theory of gang involvement.

The massacre has also been big news in Salvadoran papers, especially with the connection to the Mara Salvatrucha gang which operates in El Salvador and throughout Central America and the United States.


eduardo said…
I would think a guerrilla movement would try to "win over" the general public. One would think that killing a busload of innocent people wouldn't be the right move.
Tim said…
It's also a strange way to show you are opposed to the death penalty.