El Mozote Massacre Anniversary

December 11 is the 23rd anniversary of the massacre at El Mozote. This event stands out as one of the worst atrocities of the civil war and was committed by U.S. trained troops of the Salvadoran armed forces. Following the war, the United Nations Truth Commission issued its report with this summary:
"On 10 December 1981, in the village of El Mozote in the Department of Morazan, units of the Atlacatl Battalion detained, without resistance, all the men, women and children who were in the place. The following day, 11 December, after spending the night locked in their homes, they were deliberately and systematically executed in groups. First, the men were tortured and executed, then the women were executed and, lastly, the children, in the place where they had been locked up. The number of victims identified was over 200. The figure is higher if other unidentified victims are taken into account."

Today a silent memorial stands as a memorial to these innocent victims.


Anonymous said…
We are now coming up on the 25th aniversary of the massacre that happened at El Mozote and there seems like there is so much to be said about how history is repeating itself and what happened at El Mozote is being repeated in other parts of the world to this day. Rather than a moment of silence to remember what happened, let us look to at what our country is doing to the middle east right now and how the wars that were fought all over south america are now being fought thoughout the middle east. Thanks you for this beautiful sight. Just the pictures bring me back to the sights and smells of El Salvador.