Quijano to be ARENA's 2014 presidential candidate

The next presidential election in El Salvador will not be until March 2014, but we already know the candidates for El Salvador's two leading political parties. This week the right wing ARENA party announced that its candidate will be Norman Quijano, the popular mayor of San Salvador. Earlier this year, Quijano won election to a second term as mayor by a landslide. As mayor of the country's largest city, he has already shown the ability to gather significant support and is viewed as someone able to get things done.

The FMLN had earlier announced that its candidate will be Salvador Sanchez Ceren, the current vice-president.


So, they've already given up on their own president. Wow, what a sad statement that is. They are the ones who chose a non-FMLN candidate. Now they don't want him anymore?
No wonder the Right keeps winning. They never give up on their leaders even when the leader has killed the Archbishop!
Sherrie, in El Sal, the current president may not run for reelection. (Not for a consecutive term, anyhow.). So the FMLN has to run a different candidate.
Peter Ormand said…
So we already know who will be President. Quijano will win in a landslide! I follow him on Facebook and can't wait for him to be President. I hope he campaigns on Long Island so our family can go to meet him. I doubt very much señor vicepresidente will be back after all the problems he caused for local politicians up here!
Ronnie said…
Peter, if Tony Saca decides to run for president under GANA, then Quijano might not win the presidency. The right wing will be devided and it will leave the road to victory open for the FMLN. Remember, the FMLN has made a pact with other political parties in order to defeat ARENA.