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This weekend I helped lead a workshop in Milwaukee as part of the 25th anniversary of the SHARE Foundation. The subject of the workshop was staying abreast of current events in El Salvador, and I promised the group that I would write a post about how I get the information I share in the blog.

First, if you read Spanish, all the major daily Salvadoran newspapers are available online, and most of them have recently updated their websites. Those papers are:

Tips -- (1) Sign up for the daily e-mail news alert from La Prensa Grafica to get a basic listing of the day's stories. (2) All the papers except El Mundo have "RSS" feeds if you use a newsreader. (3) All the papers make available in PDF form the complete version of the paper complete with photos and advertisements.

Second, also requiring Spanish, are three sites of news and analysis which provide information weekly:
Tip -- El Faro has some of the best journalism coming out of El Salvador. Sign up for its weekly e-mail news alert.

Third, for English language news about El Salvador (other than this blog), learn to use the news search features of either Yahoo! or Google. (Yahoo! news search is at this link, and Google is at this one). Search for El Salvador in the news on either site and you will get a list of news stories in the English language press around the world which mention El Salvador. Sort the results by date with the most recent stories first. On either site you can set up a news alert which will e-mail you daily a listing of the top stories which mention El Salvador.

Fourth, check out the websites of North American solidarity groups which may feature news about El Salvador to keep their friends and supporters informed. Some of the good sites for this are:

Tip: most of these groups have electronic newsletters to which you can subscribe.

Fifth, read the blogs of Salvadorans. There are too many to list here. One of the first, and still one of the best, is run by my friends at the Hunnapuh blog. Look in the right hand column at Hunnapuh, and you will find a listing of many more Salvadoran blogs. These blogs are all written in Spanish, but one blog in English which regularly provides news from El Salvador is the blog of Chuck Stewart.

Finally, develop a network of friends and contacts in El Salvador who are happy to point you to interesting news and information and to correct you when you make a mistake.

(Felicidades a SHARE por 25 años!)


Laurie said…
Tim, a friend and I were just discussing how you can possibly write this blog from Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing all your links.
inner-self said…
Thanks for taking the time and effort to tell the world the happenings or mishappenings in El Salvador. Your blog is a very positive tool toward the eventual democratization and development of the Salvadoran nation.
Anonymous said…
Bien hecho Timoteo!
Mil gracias for all your work on El Salvador's news and reports.
HODAD26 said…
muy amable Tim,muchisimas gracias para su Blog.

y cuando llegan El Salvador, pupusas de congrejo sin limites para Ud.
sombra said…
Braviiisimo Tim!
I always thought you were from la tierra del queso NOT necessarily living there!!!!???? triple wow!!!
Thank you so much for keeping me informed about El Sal...
Silvia Porras said…
Thanks so much for sharing all your links :)
Anonymous said…
I wonder if any of the writers above have left this country to go getting a better life into a COMMUNIST country. I wonder if all the americans whom supported the guerrillas would vote for COMMUNISM in their country. I believe NO. For everybody knows that COMMUNISM signifies nothing but an absolute imposition of the REGIME's will. So, before supporting a COMMUNIST to implement a COMMUNIST goverment in this country, respond this questions to your very selves. And if you are thinking forward to state that you were forced to leave the country because of the lack of opportunities, let me recall you that our economy was sunk because of a war caused by the COMMUNISM.
Anonymous said…
The post person above needs to go back to 1982.
La journaliste said…
The person who wrote about communism, seems very pathetic. First, he might have read some children funny stories, he lacks totally of real view and perspective of the facts, because there is no Berlin Wall anymore and no communist east european countries neither, russia has a pseudo democracy but is definetely Not Communist. So, where has he stayed? In the era of the Cold War?
Second, he is totally wrong stating the causes of the war. EVERYONE in the civilized world knows what happened in SAL and what were the REAL causes of the civil war: the social injustice! Ask wherever, whenever a european, you shall see, ask any international organization in charge of searching the causes of the conflicts, the Commission of the Truth even stated it! Please read and educate your self before talking....